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Three of two

With a little bit of interest

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  • cap_scaleman@livejournal.com
  • AntifolkCowboy
-Earlier music project-



From 2005 til' about 2010 this was the home of both Cap_scaleman and Don Claude. Nowdays Cap_scaleman is retired and Don Claude makes things on his own. You can find more Don Claude stuff here:

Albums(By Don Claude):



Do You Mindfuck?
Failed Design (also available here)
Non Parlezvous Francais?
Hawaiian Space Race(also available here)
Spatsiba, Mon Amour
Terve Terve
Låtar i en badrock
Interna mig och externa dig

Don Claude on youtube

Purevolume page


Contributed to these zines:

The New Escapologist(Issue 1)
Mrs Noggle's Halloween Zine

"LiveJournal's very own eccentric elephant" - wringham

An interview with Don Claude

I have made a few interviews that can be found along with other interesting interviews at interviews_lj. More are coming and if you want to be interviewed you can always ask me.

Interview with Stanley Lieber Nr 1 & Interview Nr 2
Interview with Non-ljer Mikael
Interview with musician Monsquaz
Interview with musician and cartoonist Patrick May
Interview with photographer and musician Dzima
Interview with (then named) artmaker Shesaysletsgo
Interview with comedian, blogger, columnist, journalist and librarian Robert Wringham
Interview with underground artist Jim Ether

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