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Don Claude - Terve Terve

Genres: Concrete pop, glitch rock, sound art,

Instruments used: Loops and samples

Programs: Sound Forge, Fruity Loops , Acid Pro studios

Samples: Track 1 and 10 contains some music made to try out a couple of features of fruity loops. Track 10 samples the "strings" from track 4.

Don Claude sang, wrote, produced, mixed, arranged and recorded every song.

Plus, he made the cd-art.

This is in creative commons. Don't be afraid to say what you think about this album. It would be nice if you'd leave a comment about your impressions. Also, you may spread the music to your friends as long as you credit me.

Themes: Starting anew, fine swines(?), Pedestrian trouble, Letting you jump out from the kitchen, Be full of love in a corridor, Toothbrushes, Cubes, Where I would like to live, A video diary

A different version of the cd art.
Hairy-in-prison beast

Welcome again and again

I've lifted my feets from Livejournal and made a choice to go with Doomby. It is a mix between a website and blog, sort of. I will mainly use it as a blogging platform rather than a website though I can call it a website too if I want.

If someone have found me through LJ and all just start following my doomby blog instead. This is most likely, or more or less very likely, to be the last LJ sees of me.

Good bye and thank you for all the fun.
Hairy-in-prison beast

Close in, close down, restart

As the year comes to an end (though not really to an end end since the chinese calendar continue into january and possibly a bit of February, the Thai calendar goes even further) it would be nice to summarize it before we enter 010. Since this year have had a great impact on my life in particular it really sets the last nail in the coffin for my "coming-of-age" period which started as soon as I turned 12 by the year 2000.

* First of, my job burned down. It is not the fact that my job in itself burned down that was the worst. I could still work and all but it doesn't feel good when these kind of things happen in your own hometown. It is still unclear who did it and the news got no news about these news to talk about anyway. Other people have had their jobs burned down too. Even schools and association's premises have been burned to the ground. I just wonder what is going on in this town. The way I've figured it out the arsonists must be younger than 18 at least. But who really knows? Not me.

* The middle of the year, the summer, the best time of the year (yadda yadda) is a complete blank page for me. I got burnt out during that time, my family yelled at me for only working and not taking care of myself. Disillusion never comes easy and I was more than disillusional during that times since I got few to no cred from my co-workers nor my boss. That is starting to come up right now, that they think I am the best yet to take care of the frozen goods. But it is too late now, I am sort of fed up by this type of job and the decision to move on and become a pharmacist are fundamental. Next year will find me pre-studying on my own at the local library in order to be able to get on with the education smoothly.

* The year closes with the saddest and worst note: My grandmother died. After a long long time being ill with Parkinson's disease with hallucinations as a result of both the medications and the disease her time had come. It was actually a medecine, a new one, that she was supposed to take in order to get rid of the hallucinations. Instead it made her very ill and even sped up her aging. In just one month she turned from a quite functional grandmother to a vegetable. I am glad though, for her sake, that she is no longer in the pain that Parkinson's deliver to it's "hosts". Ever since she got Parkinson's she was in pain, took tons of medecine several times a day, battled the hallucinations just to name a few. At least my last memory with her is a very happy one.

Even though this year have brought pain and misery to most of my friends, co-workers and family members it feels as if next year (the year of the tiger) will bring something better. A new start is what it shall be. I am already warming up with a new album (dunno how long I've said that) which I really believe in and feel that it will become a new album and not just talk. After several re-try's and redoing of some songs I've found inspiration again. Not only that, I am planning to do a new project since it is nice to have something else beside Don Claude. I actually dislike being stuck in the concrete, taking the same steps over and over again. This new album will sound different, so will the Don Claude album after it as well. The new project however will be a deeper look into what I did with my Untitled 1 cd. The project will be presented by the spring. A couple of new music videos will come too. Apparently my foremost music video, Micke Hatar Stellan, have got a few views and it would be interesting to see if the new ones I am planning will get that too.

As you can see in the photo above, my desk is messy, but it is partly to provoke a creative energy. Books lying here and there is inspired by Swedish original Klint-Olle who have several accordions all over his house so that he feels obliged to play them whenever. That's exactly what I need for my books. I've bought several books (and keep buying) but never read them. Time to change that. I remember when I would read 30-60 pages in a book like The Illuminatus! Trilogy a day despite the challenging prose and the fact it was in English. Thus it is time to read.

I always wanted a christmas cactus. Though i'll save it for next years christmas... Or maybe even midsummers?

I'll end this brief report with music from Gnawa.

Hairy-in-prison beast

The progress moves onward (finally)

The recording nerve have tickled me a lot lately. Whenever working or slacking I've had some sort of desire for recording. It have grown larger and larger for each week only to finally come out this weekend and give me some stubborness for recording yet again. So, what can I say? Finally something have been done. I've made some progress with the programs and computer themselves. Stubbornly (there it is again!) exploring them in order to get what I want. There is still a long way til I reach the end of the spectrum which is called, at least in my space, as the "super progress" *dundundun*.

But today I turned into an even happier mood than earlier this week (I've been in a super happy jappy state lately) when I found the options that make me able to hear my synthesizer without necessarily recording it at the same time. As for the ultra-lo-fi input levels on the microphone one solution might be to get a new microphone. I've had these cheap kareoke mics in my mouth every now and then. Saliva + mic = no good. Corrosive behaviour so to speak.

Now a list shall be produced on what to achive with my new album!

* Improve the knowledge of different effects and how to utilize them in several ways. Quite so important, in my opinion. I love finding a new sound in something I've used before. Plus it adds to my will of making songs and albums that have both familiar and unfamiliar elements in them. To say the least I think that this album might remind you more of Hawaiian Space Race rather than Spatsiba Mon Amour. It is a good thing, I promise.

* Make new interesting beats with new and original samplings. The beats have often been central to my songs, or? At least on Spatsiba Mon Amour. But I can't use simpler beats like I did with Do You Mindfuck?, Failed Design and Non Parlezvous Francais? simply because it adds nothing to the variation. Looking for new sounds to sample, different types of sample kits, other types of samples etc etc belongs to this category.

* Improve production. Yeah, I think I kind of suck and producing songs in general. So that's why. It also means looking for new song structures. I have retained the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse type of song for some time while using minimal means to variate it (in my oppinion). That have resulted in the "Don Claude sound" which is a combination of pop song structures, improvisational chaos, ambient, sound experimentation just to name a few. I want to make most songs at least sound the way I imagined them in the first place. Earlier, especially on my four first albums, I recorded everything once and for all. Little thought was needed to think about re-recording. On Spatsiba Mon Amour, on the other hand, re-recording became the common thing of that album. 80-90% of the songs had a different verision than the one that ended up on the internets. Same will go with the songs on my work-in-progress.

There is a possibility that I've forgotten about something that I really want to improve in time for my new album, but that's another story! Since I work whole time until January most of the recording will be spread out on the afternoons and before-bedtime minutes. Not that I dislike the thought of that. It is a much better way to spend the evenings rather than looking at peoples updates on facebook. Right?
Hairy-in-prison beast

The way it is

As the year 2009 is coming to it's end and with it something being dubbed "The noughties" I am still trying to pull up a vegetable that tells me where I am. This is not a post about my personal life though, I just want to update about my new Don Claude album. Even though I don't tend to blog at all these days with plans on letting this blog stay intact with it's old content while moving towards my own website or perhaps a profile it still feels nice to come here.

My latest creation have been a pending project for perhaps a year and a half, maybe even longer. This brings expectations, I suppose, which I am both fond and not so fond of. Earlier this weekend, Friday to be more exact, it clicked with me and the drum loops I had made earlier this autumn. It has to do that, I have to like what I've made first before I settle with going on. I've remade a couple of drum loops here and there while considering the entire whole of the album. A few songs are progressive, some are the typical verse-chorus-verse á la Don Claude. I estimate it to clock in at 30 minutes something when it is done. All that needs to be done is to add the instrumentation and vocals, mix it all together and add additional effects only to put it here.

A problem comes up right there with the recording part. My last computer was a piece of junk but these cheap mics I got gave good results, but on this new computer with a "w00zt3rz"-ish sound card (and everything) the recording sound is heck. I have to import the recordings to Sound Forge and normalize it! This makes the recording process less spontaneous but I think I will overcome that too. So, in the end there will be a new Don Claude! It would be bad to miss this out because there are my own drum samples in many tracks, new influences, a different variation compared to the last album, etc, etc.

But more about that another time. As I consider myself a bit too much rooted with Don Claude it is time for a couple of new projects all deeply set in the electronica set. At the moment there isn't much to say about these projects other than: They're solo. First I need to learn program some sort of tracker program and I've found a couple via wikipedia. I also need to get a dictaphone in order to increase my sampleability. My old sampling technology was an mp3-player which shall be replaced. It is the cause for making my last computer crash and nearly did the same with my latest. Pfft, nice to finally know anyways.

And that is what is going on.
Between the flashes of dark and lights o

Creative destruction with spaghetti on top

So, now I've finally started recording the additional instruments and voice tracks for a couple of songs on my new album. Might turn out harder than I thought. This time I've been sampling a couple of sounds (and more to come) from my vast collection of audio recordings made with my sample between spring 05 to winter 07. The plan is to scan them all for sounds that fits good as beats. It's been put aside for now, though, since I want to concentrate on the new album but I got great plans. One is to sample all my instruments, including the presets of the synthesizers, for future use. It's getting a bit boring with the old drum single sounds that's been the backbone of my records since the start. There are sure many beats to squeeze out from them but right now I am more interested in sampling myself.

To come back and record music again after a near one and a half year absence is just... plain hard to tell the truth. Spatsiba Mon Amour had many songs reworked (more than half of the songs got reworked) and since I've been sitting with the new songs this weekend I am starting to feel the same here. I need to revise and redo some stuff, some beats perhaps. But for now I will play around to learn the new features of the newer versions of the program I use. Things have changed for sure, but in the process I've discovered effects that needs to be put in use! I've also managed to find things making certain tasks (such as voice overdubbing) much easier.

I sigh a bit at the thought of reworking the album. only 15% of it is ready, one collage and one part (an intro part) of a song is ready whereas the collage was supposed to be something different in the beginning. It is not that I find it bad to redo the songs over and over again, it is just a bit of a bother to me. Some albums just fell into place with a snap. Sounds a bit crazy but that's how it felt. In the end it will be much more rewarding to work things this way, I need to learn to concentrate for perhaps one hour or two for something in a song each day instead of just a couple of minutes. Everything to develope as an artist.
Between the flashes of dark and lights o

Melting melodies in zeeh mail

Got myself a melodica last week. It will be featured in my upcoming new album. More news on that later though, all I've done yet is a sound collage and some drum loops which have been arranged in the way I want them. I've also ordered new ukulele strings for both my acoustic and my electric uke and as soon they're tuned and ready the initial recording will start.

One of my plans is to make a music video to promote this new album as well as some music videos for older songs. However, I dunno how much posting there will be in this blog until my album is out. Factors that play on this: I try to lessen my time on the internet and put more focus on my projects, I excersize 6 days a week after work in order to not come in two when lifting heavy-weighting stuff, computer related stuff is getting a bit boring, I also want to focus on this album and somewhat be done with the initial recording and mixing by new years so that the album will see the light next year.

Until next time, take care!

Hairy-in-prison beast

Not entirely gone

I am not entirely out of here. Though I'll post something more worthwhile another time. Right now my most concern is the new Don Claude album. The process is going well with my newfound inspiration, though.