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Not entirely gone [Sep. 13th, 2009|09:00 pm]

I am not entirely out of here. Though I'll post something more worthwhile another time. Right now my most concern is the new Don Claude album. The process is going well with my newfound inspiration, though.
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Flans - No Controles [Jun. 30th, 2009|10:11 pm]
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This is possibly the best song from the 80's pop world i've heard for a long time. Western 80's music sound so robotic and efficient after this.
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Rainy falls error and muddy restarts [Jun. 21st, 2009|07:20 pm]
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I happened to be very unlucky with the weather as for my three sisters project. The very day after I planted the fava beans, maize and pumpkins we got struck by really stormy weather. I had put some shelter on in the form of a net and a fibre cloth. I shouldn't have done that since it smashed down on the maize and the pumpkins leaving only the hardy and trusty fava beans standing there all alone. The weather continued this way for a long time, which made me ignore my piece of dirt, which in turn made my parents to rage at me because I hadn't done anything about it. So, today, I planted dill, carrots, beets and kohlrabbi. The fava beans looked so lonely that a couple of clover was planted in order to accompany them in their nitrogen work. Hehe. This entire week ahead seems to have fortunately sunny weather. The quinoa seems to have not made it, but it was expected. I just turned the soil, planted it, and left it there.

Nevermind, I am currently interested in annuals and herbs, especially Angelica, Garden Angelica in particular, which used to be the only herb that Sweden exported far back in the medievals as a remedy for the plague. Some sources state that Angelica was one of the staples among the samis of northern scandinavia. If it allows I will try and grow garden angelica next year, so that I can taste it. I suspect that some angelicas are growing in the garden already though.

In the meantime, enjoy some throat singing without the usual accompany.

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Done while gone [May. 17th, 2009|11:11 pm]
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I've been away for a while. But to be honest, I don't give a so-called damn about it anyway. The fact that LJ have meant less and less to my daily life an my personal wellbeing has been there creeping around in the subconcious. At least for a year or two. The weather outside is superb too!

Maize, pumpkins, cucumbers, fava beans, kohlrabbi, quinoa... Experiments in the garden bon voyage!

Tomorrow I shall visit downtown, eat pretzels and watch art.

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Three weeks too late in the bloom [Apr. 25th, 2009|07:59 pm]
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For how long haven't I made an entry? Possibly far too long. My absence can be explained by two weeks of working in the froze grocery section. It also involved a 12 hour day too. But it was all necessary to do. We have automatic ordering systems, simply called AutoOrder, that haven't been set right, and the guy who worked in the freezer section before me and my co-worker (we're currently two taking care of the freezer section) didn't do a superb job. This means we have about 3 pallets with lamb chops that nearly nobody buys, a pallet with salmonella contained lamb chops that was supposed to be sent back one and a half year ago, a pallet of chicken that's supposed to be sent back (warnings about glass in the chicken!) and one and a half pallet with ice-cream that melted last year. Gosh! And now they want to remove one section located at the entrance of the mall since nothing there sells very good. But considering that it's location is the worsts in the entire mall I am not surprised. People first walk into the fruit section on the left, while that small freezer section is on their right, as they walk out from the fruit section they only see pre-cooked meals in that freezer section while the shrimps and prawns (that people want) is on the other side. The entire freezer section needs to be renovated anyway! Things are in the way!

Nevermind, I got some news about my gardening. I've set some seeds for bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. The bell peppers haven't shown themselves yet, I think, and the cucumbers just popped right through in one go. Now I am waiting for the Sweet corn and pumpkins to get going (they're just getting started!) and then it is time to prepare my patch. I got some fava beans to plant with the corn and pumpkins too in order to do the Three Sisters practice. I also have kholrabi and Quinoa to experiment with. The first one is the cultivar Superschmelz, known to grow monstrously gigantic (about 2 kilos or so) and Quinoa is an important future crop that should be grown by more countries other than the three who are currently doing it. I've thought about dedicating an entry entirely on the future of agriculture and food sometime touching on Tempeh, Oncom, Nixtamalization, Amaranths, Quinoa and hemp's importances. Just need to settle down and type that entry, that's all.

What else? My album is finally getting along. I did some initial recordings for one track but I thought that it all was a complete train-wreck and abandoned it. Gonna concentrate on the songs that I have a finished idea for. So far one track is kind of done, but it is just a collage and I might tend to improve it a bit more to not make it sound like a filler. Then I might take care of two other tracks that I sort of got the ideas finished for. One is the singer/songwriter-acoustic-guitar type of song I seem to include on every album so far. We'll see what that leads to soon enough. Another thing is that this album is a sort of comeback type of album. I'll include lots of new ideas and as well some older tricks might feature too. Since I had no hopes to get on with recording I almost gave up looking for interesting things to spice up my music with. Though, as always, I work hard to not disappoint. Believe me when I say so. I scrapped so many songs on Spatsiba Mon Amour that I had recorded in the beginning only to replace with newer versions. So, I somewhat work differently on this album compared to, say, Failed Design, where I mostly just recorded and everything fell into it's own place. I am convinced that it was a lot of luck.
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A close far-away wedding [Apr. 9th, 2009|09:46 pm]
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I know a girl who is about to get married. What else, she also happen to have her roots in Syria. She mentioned the wedding earlier this week and I asked if I could come. It was quite possible that I could, if I wanted too. Of course I'd like to come to her wedding. There might be about 350 or so other guests to talk with. Plus I hope there will be wonderful music and dance just like in the video above.
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Too much cake can lead to death [Mar. 28th, 2009|08:05 pm]
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My stomach dislikes me. Or something like that, perhaps it is more like we happen to be out of sync with each other. We've never really been a team through the life but lately I've adapted too a eating pattern that involves eating less and more often that hopefully will help my stomach get back the self-esteem... Or at least for the both of us to understand each other a little better. The problems I've had stomach-wise have both been health and social related. It is quite funny that, since I've lost quite some weight since I saw some people I happen to know most people comment on my weight. To comment on someones look can be, in this case, quite disastrous and a persons weight is possibly the issue about one self that people dislike to bring up during a conversation. Anyway, different from before when I used to just shake that off but comments on other people's looks are not to favour I suppose. But these days there aren't much else to talk about, right? I might be oversensitive.

But other than that and the overall feeling of being on a low I've started and I am going to start on a couple of things:

* My new album as Don Claude which so far involves noting new ideas, scrapping some old ones and keeping what I already liked, sampling single sounds I've recorded myself, making drumbeats and plan when and how to record certain things.

* My sourdough baking is improving and last time I made two loafs I got the best result ever since I started to bake bread. They beat the bread I've done with yeast by miles! The trick was to let the dough rise for a very long time in the fridge. For how long? Well, I estimate it was about 17 hours with one hours pre-rising in room temperature and one hour raising after the fridge rising. A total of 19 hours. Of course, there are possibly more parameters involved but we'll take that another time since now I always log what I put in the bread, hours I let it rise and each step etc etc.

* My gardening plans are currently dormant. The weather is fairly unstable and perhaps it is a good idea to wait until may or so with some pre-cultivation of this years seeds. I thought that a specific entry for my gardening plans would be appropriate so you'll all hear about it later in April I suppose.

That's right, I had planned to talk a bit more about my new album this time, but apparently I haven't worked on it as much as I've wanted. As already revealed I've felt quite low lately since everyone around seem to be on a low. It affects me because I am concerned. Because I care. Stuff like that. Instead of trying to give in to this spiral of madly downess I am trying to keep things up anyway. One thing that have increased is the intake of new and exciting music. I bought Tom Zé's album "Fabrication Defect" which proved to be great although not as experimental as I'd hope it would be. Most of his catalouge is available in Sweden though which won't make me hesitate to try and get more of his music, it is very exciting indeed. I mean, he is in his 70's and still experiments. On his last album he even mocked and saluted (I think) the bossa nova music. Though I agree, it is overused and was already overused in the 90's... Or was it?

So, yeah, instead of working as they do on music these days (heh) I've been sitting around watching trailers, parodies, longplays, speedruns and easter eggs of the Metal Gear Franchise. Not the best kind of occupation to be honest but nevertheless I felt that the movie quality of the plotline (much better than many contemporary action and spy movies of these days) was worth diving into a bit more. To think of it the MGS games are at times more movies than games. Many playable parts are very very short. It is too bad since MGS4 seem to have several kinds of gadgets and gixmos for the player to utilize.

Bit by bit I've vleaned and reorganised in my studio and my room. Shortly I will do the same with my clothes. I need some new clothes and for once I will settle for a jacket that is organic and with good fabrics. Already got the eyes on this 100% organic Hemp with organic cotton stuffing. Looks nice and with a nice price too. I've felt an urge to organize in my rooms lately and more or less renovate myself. Most of the clothes I have are no longer in use. It feels weird to have clothes enogh for an army just hanging around in my closet. Blah, my creativity with clothes happen to be, and have been, on the lower side lately. Oh well, I'll manage I suppose.

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This just makes me laugh [Mar. 20th, 2009|09:09 pm]
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Metal Gear Awesome 2

I don't really know how to explain how this animation makes me laugh, but I'd say that the simple but effective charicatures, the overtly offensive language and the pace of the flash makes it so worthwhile. Anyone who have played Metal Gear Solid will laugh at this, or just find it wrong.
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