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The progress moves onward (finally) [Dec. 6th, 2009|07:40 pm]
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The recording nerve have tickled me a lot lately. Whenever working or slacking I've had some sort of desire for recording. It have grown larger and larger for each week only to finally come out this weekend and give me some stubborness for recording yet again. So, what can I say? Finally something have been done. I've made some progress with the programs and computer themselves. Stubbornly (there it is again!) exploring them in order to get what I want. There is still a long way til I reach the end of the spectrum which is called, at least in my space, as the "super progress" *dundundun*.

But today I turned into an even happier mood than earlier this week (I've been in a super happy jappy state lately) when I found the options that make me able to hear my synthesizer without necessarily recording it at the same time. As for the ultra-lo-fi input levels on the microphone one solution might be to get a new microphone. I've had these cheap kareoke mics in my mouth every now and then. Saliva + mic = no good. Corrosive behaviour so to speak.

Now a list shall be produced on what to achive with my new album!

* Improve the knowledge of different effects and how to utilize them in several ways. Quite so important, in my opinion. I love finding a new sound in something I've used before. Plus it adds to my will of making songs and albums that have both familiar and unfamiliar elements in them. To say the least I think that this album might remind you more of Hawaiian Space Race rather than Spatsiba Mon Amour. It is a good thing, I promise.

* Make new interesting beats with new and original samplings. The beats have often been central to my songs, or? At least on Spatsiba Mon Amour. But I can't use simpler beats like I did with Do You Mindfuck?, Failed Design and Non Parlezvous Francais? simply because it adds nothing to the variation. Looking for new sounds to sample, different types of sample kits, other types of samples etc etc belongs to this category.

* Improve production. Yeah, I think I kind of suck and producing songs in general. So that's why. It also means looking for new song structures. I have retained the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse type of song for some time while using minimal means to variate it (in my oppinion). That have resulted in the "Don Claude sound" which is a combination of pop song structures, improvisational chaos, ambient, sound experimentation just to name a few. I want to make most songs at least sound the way I imagined them in the first place. Earlier, especially on my four first albums, I recorded everything once and for all. Little thought was needed to think about re-recording. On Spatsiba Mon Amour, on the other hand, re-recording became the common thing of that album. 80-90% of the songs had a different verision than the one that ended up on the internets. Same will go with the songs on my work-in-progress.

There is a possibility that I've forgotten about something that I really want to improve in time for my new album, but that's another story! Since I work whole time until January most of the recording will be spread out on the afternoons and before-bedtime minutes. Not that I dislike the thought of that. It is a much better way to spend the evenings rather than looking at peoples updates on facebook. Right?

[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2009-12-07 06:05 am (UTC)
Go! Go! Go!

Very much looking forward to hearing whatever you come up with.
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[User Picture]From: cap_scaleman
2010-01-06 04:25 pm (UTC)
Sorry, it seems I forgot to answer this comment. My new album got tons of yummy surprises!
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