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The way it is [Nov. 22nd, 2009|07:05 pm]
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As the year 2009 is coming to it's end and with it something being dubbed "The noughties" I am still trying to pull up a vegetable that tells me where I am. This is not a post about my personal life though, I just want to update about my new Don Claude album. Even though I don't tend to blog at all these days with plans on letting this blog stay intact with it's old content while moving towards my own website or perhaps a last.fm profile it still feels nice to come here.

My latest creation have been a pending project for perhaps a year and a half, maybe even longer. This brings expectations, I suppose, which I am both fond and not so fond of. Earlier this weekend, Friday to be more exact, it clicked with me and the drum loops I had made earlier this autumn. It has to do that, I have to like what I've made first before I settle with going on. I've remade a couple of drum loops here and there while considering the entire whole of the album. A few songs are progressive, some are the typical verse-chorus-verse á la Don Claude. I estimate it to clock in at 30 minutes something when it is done. All that needs to be done is to add the instrumentation and vocals, mix it all together and add additional effects only to put it here.

A problem comes up right there with the recording part. My last computer was a piece of junk but these cheap mics I got gave good results, but on this new computer with a "w00zt3rz"-ish sound card (and everything) the recording sound is heck. I have to import the recordings to Sound Forge and normalize it! This makes the recording process less spontaneous but I think I will overcome that too. So, in the end there will be a new Don Claude! It would be bad to miss this out because there are my own drum samples in many tracks, new influences, a different variation compared to the last album, etc, etc.

But more about that another time. As I consider myself a bit too much rooted with Don Claude it is time for a couple of new projects all deeply set in the electronica set. At the moment there isn't much to say about these projects other than: They're solo. First I need to learn program some sort of tracker program and I've found a couple via wikipedia. I also need to get a dictaphone in order to increase my sampleability. My old sampling technology was an mp3-player which shall be replaced. It is the cause for making my last computer crash and nearly did the same with my latest. Pfft, nice to finally know anyways.

And that is what is going on.

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[User Picture]From: cap_scaleman
2009-11-25 04:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you. Good to see that you're still going strong as well. :)
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