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Creative destruction with spaghetti on top [Sep. 27th, 2009|08:01 pm]
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So, now I've finally started recording the additional instruments and voice tracks for a couple of songs on my new album. Might turn out harder than I thought. This time I've been sampling a couple of sounds (and more to come) from my vast collection of audio recordings made with my sample between spring 05 to winter 07. The plan is to scan them all for sounds that fits good as beats. It's been put aside for now, though, since I want to concentrate on the new album but I got great plans. One is to sample all my instruments, including the presets of the synthesizers, for future use. It's getting a bit boring with the old drum single sounds that's been the backbone of my records since the start. There are sure many beats to squeeze out from them but right now I am more interested in sampling myself.

To come back and record music again after a near one and a half year absence is just... plain hard to tell the truth. Spatsiba Mon Amour had many songs reworked (more than half of the songs got reworked) and since I've been sitting with the new songs this weekend I am starting to feel the same here. I need to revise and redo some stuff, some beats perhaps. But for now I will play around to learn the new features of the newer versions of the program I use. Things have changed for sure, but in the process I've discovered effects that needs to be put in use! I've also managed to find things making certain tasks (such as voice overdubbing) much easier.

I sigh a bit at the thought of reworking the album. only 15% of it is ready, one collage and one part (an intro part) of a song is ready whereas the collage was supposed to be something different in the beginning. It is not that I find it bad to redo the songs over and over again, it is just a bit of a bother to me. Some albums just fell into place with a snap. Sounds a bit crazy but that's how it felt. In the end it will be much more rewarding to work things this way, I need to learn to concentrate for perhaps one hour or two for something in a song each day instead of just a couple of minutes. Everything to develope as an artist.